Gate Operators

To complement our wide array of chain link fencing and ornamental fencing products, we also offer gate operators for both cantilever style rolling gates and standard swing gates. We are a dealer for LiftMaster commercial gate operators, who offer completely customizable systems, have demonstrated years of reliable performance with unparalleled safety and security.

Agricultural Fencing

Galvanized woven field fence is perfect for enclosing corrals and pastures. Featuring flexing hinge joints, field fence conforms to the landscape and helps to minimize damage that can be caused by livestock and weather and is strong enough to withstand abuse from livestock and falling tree limbs.

Our Supplier

Tree Island Steel –¬†

Guard Rail

W-beam guardrails are widely used for vehicle safety and installed along roadsides or other locations to prevent vehicles from leaving the designated path of travel. They are designed to absorb energy from errant vehicles, minimizing damage to the vehicle itself and prevent damage to anything beyond the guardrail. They are also used in conjunction with guardrail terminal ends (sometimes called fish tails) to prevent head-on impacts with the exposed ends of the guardrail.

Bollards and Bollard Covers

A bollard is a post used to create a protective perimeter around fuel and propane tanks or buildings to prevent damage caused by vehicles or equipment and can also be used to manage vehicle or pedestrian traffic. They can be concrete filled as well, if required.

Provincial Fence Products offers a wide range of industrial or decorative bollards, as well as HDPE (high density poly ethylene) bollard covers, in a wide array of colours, that eliminate the need to repaint bollards, saving you time and money.